How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency In 2018

The concept of a cryptocurrency is not new. For almost a decade, they have been around, starting with Bitcoin. Along with it, the most famous digital currency in the world, others appeared and began spreading in the digital domain. At first, almost no one noticed them because they were so low in their value. In fact, many believed that they are just a forgettable trend. But, as the years passed by, more and more people began noticing them. At the same time, their value started to rise and for some, it went up numerous times. This allowed many who bought cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to cash in and attain incredible sums of money.

Today, it is clear that cryptocurrencies have a great potential for anyone who is interested in making money from them. The same process is often demanding and challenging, but there is no doubt that billions of US dollars are out there, ready to be made. The only question in the minds of so many is how to earn the same money through the use of cryptocurrency. Because of this, here are the top three ways how to make money with cryptocurrency.

Investing In ICO’s

ICO’s are initial coin offerings and are a way to invest in new cryptocurrency coins before they reach exchanges. It’s essentially a way to get in on a project early before other people are allowed to invest and often you can get in at a much better price. This can allow you to potentially get in early. Imagine getting Bitcoin when it was $0.50 or Ethereum when it was $0.50 that is the potential here. You do need to be careful though, so it’s useful to visit a website like to get reviews of ICO’s before they launch.

Trading with Cryptocurrency

Trading is the simplest way how anyone can start almost immediately to earn money with cryptocurrency. The process includes a person buying some cryptocurrency and then using the same funds for trading. There is a range of online exchanges which allow for trading in cryptocurrencies and traditional money. Here, the objective of the person who wants to make money is simple: buy low and sell high. In other words, any would-be trader has to follow the changes in the cryptocurrency markets and then act upon them.

For example, they should buy a promising cryptocurrency when its price is low and then sell it when the price is high. Once this is completed, the same person can withdraw the profit that was made and keep the rest in the digital exchange system. This way, the cycle can begin once more when the price falls and it is a good climate for buying. Many people believe that huge sums of initial money are needed for this. Yet, the truth is that people can invest whatever they like and then trade with it.

Mining Cryptocurrency

Digital mining is the term used when a computer is connected to the network of a particular cryptocurrency. There, the same computer is used to check all transactions on the same network, along with doing particular calculations. These calculations are known under the term “hashing” and they are the process of building new digital tokens. These tokens represent the actual monetary value of the same cryptocurrency. All miners are rewarded with those new tokens as a reimbursement for their activity.

This is the reason why mining is the surest way of how to make money with cryptocurrency. The problem is that anyone who wants to start this process has to have a special mining rig, which is what the mining computers are called. These are expensive and difficult to come by. Also, they use a lot of power when they work and regularly need air-conditioned rooms or naturally cool spaces to work properly. But, if a person can go over this and start mining, they will soon begin to get a steady stream of cryptocurrency tokens.

There’s also a new concept called “cloud” mining where you can actually pay to access other peoples mining computers and pools.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

While both mining and trading demand work, investing does not. Still, it is one of the biggest ways people actually make money with cryptocurrency. With this option, the idea is that a person invests small amounts of money into different cryptocurrency networks. This should be done when they are only beginning and their tokens cost next to nothing. But, as years pass, the idea is that some of these would become a lot more popular and thus expensive. Not every investment should provide a huge profit. Instead, it is enough to have only one success in the upcoming years.

This success alone could provide the investor with a huge profit. For example, anyone who bought 10 Bitcoins in 2011 would now stand to make many times over the sum they initially paid. Today, the same investment approach is a completely valid option for anyone who wants to make money. But, this is a long-term process that often requires many months or even years to get to its full potential.

With any of these top three ways of how to make money with cryptocurrency, everyone stands a chance to get a huge profit using a modest investment.

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